CANE Beauty - A TRUE Clean Beauty Brand™

CANE Beauty - A TRUE Clean Beauty Brand™


Our values are simple: Be Transparent. Research Matters. Be Unconventional. Elevate Consciousness.


We do more than just say we are clean. We are transparent with our ingredients. We tell you why many do not make the cut, why some will never be in our Top 5 ingredients and why we are extra careful with others.


We trust Science! We consider clinical studies, dermatologist reports, cosmetic expert panels and scientific ingredient research. We also don’t use ingredients that haven’t been researched for possible side effects - regardless of how amazing they might be.


We go beyond the surface level of ingredients. We analyze the constituents of each ingredient for the most benefit and the least risk of irritation. We use chemistry and physiology to give the best results without damaging, painful inflammation.


We carefully formulated products without questionable or skin damaging ingredients for EVERYONE. The current clean beauty standard is way too low and exclusive. There is a better way and we hope others will join our efforts.

TRUE Clean Promise™

Our ingredient standards are high. Many did not make the cut due to their harmful or unknown side effects or their known risks of skin damage, follicle damaging inflammation or allergic reaction. Others made the cut but will never be in our Top 5 ingredients or will always be less than 1%-3% of our formulas to avoid skin damaging irritation. To keep this promise, our products are mindfully formulated by a physician and a cosmetic chemist.

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