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Our Story

CANE Beauty was founded by twin sisters tired of looking for non-toxic, non-irritating products that delivered great results for their families’ coily, kinky hair and eczema-prone skin. Tired of learning that “natural” and “organic” products were not all that natural or organic. Tired of learning that vegan and “free” products (“paraben free”, “sulfate free”, “phthalate free” or “formaldehyde free”) still had questionable ingredients, triggered allergic reactions, or didn’t meet their needs. It seemed like their hair and sensitive skin was left out of clean beauty.

Ashley became ingredient conscious after suffering an allergic reaction that caused hair loss and skin trauma. Candace (a physician and her loyal twin sister) took on the challenge of finding skin conscious scalp treatments and hair oils. Disappointed with what she found, Candace started formulating her own irritation-conscious hair and skin products for the family. Candace's formulas WORKED (on coily, kinky hair and eczema-prone skin) and they were made with ingredients that are actually clean and mindful of how the hair and skin would react. Ashley was thrilled and wanted to share these formulas with the world.

The journey wasn’t easy. Many chemists pushed them to compromise their high standards since many of their no-no ingredients are found in hair and skin products on the market. But they did not give up and they found a chemist as committed to the vision as they were. The result: Body conscious, truly clean products.

A brand that is Team Clean and Team Science.


Finding truly clean, body-conscious ingredients that work on coily, kinky hair and eczema prone skin should not be hard. We love a good DIY regime but it should not be your only option. CANE Beauty is here to put truly clean, body-conscious products at your fingertips.


Candace is the Chief Scientific Officer and the scientific mind behind CANE Beauty. When she is not saving lives as an emergency medicine physician and balancing mom life, you can find Candace in the kitchen whipping up tasty family meals and formulating clean, body conscious products.


Ashley is the Chief Executive Officer and the ingredient-conscious business lawyer with eczema prone skin and sensitive follicles. When she is not caring for her family, you can find Ashley enjoying Candace’s tasty meals and running the day to day of CANE Beauty.
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