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4 Ways to Avoid Scalp Irritation

Struggling with scalp irritation is the absolute worst. Whether you have sensitive skin or just want to avoid unwanted scalp irritation in your hair routine, here are 4 tips from our very own Chief Scientific Officer, Candace Nall, MD on how to avoid scalp irritation and reduce your risk of skin irritation in your hair routine.

Tip 1: Always do a test patch before you try any new hair product. An accessible area of clear skin is the best location for a test patch. Make sure you wash the area before you apply any product. Apply a small amount of product to the test area. Wait 24 hours and check for signs of irritation. If you experience any burning or itching before 24 hours, immediately wash the area. Pro Tip: Place a bandaid over the test patch to make sure the product stays in place for more accurate results.

Tip 2: Do more than one test patch at least 48 hours apart. Single exposure skin reactions are not common. Usually, multiple exposures are required for your skin to react to an allergen or irritant. Multiple test patches can help you better detect the possibility of a skin reaction from a new ingredient or new product than a single test patch.

Tip 3:  Do not ignoring itching. There is no such thing as a good itch and itching does not always mean that it’s time to wash your hair. Itching can be a warning sign of an irritation problem. Paying attention to an itchy scalp can help you figure out if you are reacting to an ingredient in your haircare routine

Tip 4: Be diligent. Pay attention to how your scalp and skin react to products or ingredients. Your immune system will tell you if something is wrong. Once your body has been exposed to something it can react to additional exposures and each reaction can be worse than the last.

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